Ellen Everman was born at Covington's historic Booth Hospital which sits at the edge of the Ohio River.  Free to roam the woods with other Baby Boomers, she grew up in the once prim valley town of Fairview just south of Latonia, a Northern Kentucky city.  She attended public schools and graduated with honors from the University of Cincinnati receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English in l981.  She has contributed both fiction and non-fiction articles in various publications, among them Arts Across Kentucky, The Sunday Challenger and The Kentucky Post.  She has travelled extensively throughout the country and abroad observing varying cultures and dialects.  Tennis, dance, poetry, guitar, painting are her hobbies.  Drawing from her collection of short stories written mostly about her youth, Ms. Everman has created the fictional novel, PINK DICE, that paints a vivid and unforgettable picture of the border town area known as Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati.
You can contact the author at:
PMIspeak@aol.com or on myspace at  www.myspace.com/elleneverman

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